Don’t Think Too Quickly…

And there I was, thinking that this part of the story was going so well.

Yippee! I thought. I’ve cracked this wretched ennui that’s preventing me from writing. Hooray!

Thought too soon, apparently. On the other hand, though, the glass-half-full thought is that I’ve managed almost 5000 words of an entirely new, unplanned section of the tale. Which means that I’m approximately half way through this bit. And I do know what’s going to happen. I just don’t yet know how it’s going to happen.

In the meantime, my Writing playlist is going to teach me all the words to the Wicked soundtrack. And if I listen hard enough, to Das Rheingold.


What do you listen to when you’re writing?

The March of Time

I set myself a challenge. I keep setting this challenge, and failing, so I move the goalposts.

My aim is to finish my second draft by the time Mark and I get married. I have five weeks left of this, and most of the book left to write. I’m trying to write 3000 words a day, spurred on by the success of writing 50K in 30 days.

But given that I still have a day-job, and we’re into the last weeks of preparation for the wedding (and for which I feel sorely ill-prepared – I so wish we’d eloped!), my time is precious. It would be nice if I could bill myself for my time…Would make a fortune!

This means that there’s no recipe this week, and maybe next week too, but perhaps instead, I’ll be able to manage snippets of story.

Or what I write to combat writer’s block. I got myself one of those little books which are filled with ideas or trigger-words or pictures or scenarios to use to get back into the creative zone.


As far as wedding plans go, I’ve finally got around to having my dress altered, so it fits! And isn’t about three miles too long, even in 5″ heels. And I found shoes. In a charity shop, no less. I feel quite the green bride, with a vintage dress and second-hand shoes (I don’t think they’re old enough to be “vintage”), and vintage rings. I’m trying to persuade Mark to find a vintage suit – there were some nice ones in Exeter’s The Real McCoys, but I can see that they probably would be a bit heavy if the weather’s anything like it has been recently. Oh but there were some nice tail-coats! But we’ll see. Bournemouth is supposed to have some good vintage shops. We’ll investigate them.

Writer’s Block; or, How to Keep Going!

It’s that bit of any writing. The Last Little Bit. I have about 10,000 words left to write. Comparatively speaking, I suppose it’s the conclusion of an essay. Plus a little bit of bolstering the arguments made earlier on.


No reason; I just quite like this photo. I like bees.

But it’s still not nearly as easy to write as the beginning 10,000 words. See, that’s what I’m good at. I can begin a story, but it’s the keeping going that I have problems with, and having a satisfactory ending. Even if I know exactly how I want it to end. It’s the expression on paper (or computer) of it that I have problems with. So I have lots of story-beginnings, and lots of story-plans. But not so many complete stories.

But it’s the last few days of the challenge. I’ve made it this far, I can press onwards. Especially as I’ll have no time to do so in December. The looming deadline. The focused mind. No distractions.


So. To break the Writer’s Block. The answer to this comes from Katie.

Instructions, should you find yourself with Writer’s Block:

Find one equally large block of chocolate and hit the Writer’s Block with it until it breaks into lots of tiny pieces. While it is thus distracted, sneak around behind it.

Mwa-ha! You have defeated the Writer’s Block! Have a cup of tea and eat the chocolate.