To Eat, or Not to Eat? (Sorry, Shakespeare.)

My mind for the last couple of days has been unhealthily occupied by food and weight because of finding the pretty dress. I’m not particularly unhealthy or overweight or anything, but the dress was pretty and apparently doesn’t have any room for letting it out. Which is a shame. So I’ve been debating the possibility of losing the few inches or so needed to fit into it. I have no idea of my weight – the only scales I have are my kitchen ones – but I know my measurements. They, and my clothes, guide me through my body image issues.


There’s a plethora of information and disinformation about eating “correctly”, the optimum diet for health, often with weight loss as a side-effect. Every year gets its own little fad, an exciting new method promising an easy and permanent way of becoming healthy. There’s the 5:2 or Intermittent Fasting diet. Various high protein, low carb ones, like Atkins, Dukan and Paleo. High carb, low fat. Juice fasts. Weight Watchers. Slimming World. You name it, someone’s written a book about it.

But, really, the only thing I’ve worked out about all of these diets, and my own years of disordered eating, is this. One of them, one way of eating, will work for you. You’ll be happy, your body will like you. But what works for you might not be the Holy Grail for the next person.

My diet tends to be more of the Intermittent Fasting variety, without really trying. I don’t normally get hungry until early to mid-afternoon, so I usually have a late, light breakfast and dinner. It works for me. I don’t restrict my eating – I like cakes and chocolate and slabs of steak and vegetables. I try not to over-eat, but sometimes I do. I walk a lot but I don’t do any formal exercise, like going to the gym. (I would if they were like old fashioned gyms, and were more about gymnastics: rope-climbing and the like.)

This works for me. Listen to your body; what works for you?