Because Life needs Glamour

Well, my world does.


I’m not a huge champagne-drinker – my preference is for cocktails or spirits on the rocks – but I’m a bit of a magpie in that I hoard things, and collect things. They don’t have to be shiny or necessary, I just have to like them.

And I like anything that speaks of the glamour of yesteryear. Well, the leisured classes of yesteryear. I blame a childhood of Mitford and teen years of Heyer. (Also, I don’t care what anyone says, Heyer is/was the Queen of Regency/Historical Romance, and I have yet to find her “heir”. Anyone whose characters are more explicit than an embrace or a locking of lips – and only once declarations of love/betrothal/unending love and commitment have been expressed – is no better than Mills & Boon. And nowhere near Heyer’s league.)

But anyway. Vintage champagne glasses! Although, I’m more likely to be quaffing, er, chocolate mousse…