In Uncharted Territory

I had a plan for NaNoWriMo. I decided all my blog posts in advance, making a note of what would happen when in a diary, pencilling in the cross-stitch projects because I wasn’t sure what or if I’d have to share.

I had planned to write them all in advance and schedule them to upload themselves, but I think the nature of this post makes it quite clear that that didn’t happen.

You see, I was knocked off-guard by quite how much I’ve been enjoying a new-to-me TV show – and yes, I do know how silly it was of me to have begun one so close to the beginning of November.

I’ve been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I never saw this as a child – to be fair, I think I was probably too young when it was first aired – and anyone who knows me will tell you that I jump at the slightest thing. Even if I know it’s coming.

And yet here I am watching something with lots of jumpy (obvious or otherwise) bits.

Although, saying that, I did read a couple of the books – I particularly remember the praying mantis story (and was quite pleased that I saw that one coming from the woman’s first entrance) – and let me tell you, the books are much scarier than the series.

Or maybe it’s the ten to fifteen years since I last read one. I didn’t read all that many: far too scary for my imagination. The series is still jumpy, but far fewer nightmares.

Beginning with Patterns


I thought it would be relatively straight-forward, being mostly a rectangle with some fancy decreasing stitches for the flap.

Apparently I need to work on my counting of rows, for I knitted too few for the first section, so that the pocket is not quite a sensible size for coins. But I think, once I’ve learned all the stitches and their abbreviations in patterns, that knitting in general shouldn’t be too tricky. Just requires concentration.

On the whole though, I’m quite pleased with my first foray into following a knitting pattern, which I did while beginning to watch Foyle’s War.

My cup of tea, is Foyle’s War.

Thursday’s Sewing Circle

At least, it would be a Sewing Circle if it weren’t just me and my Netflix. So really, this is going to be about my current sewing project and whatever I’m currently watching as I stitch (and/or have previously seen if the TV series is long enough and I haven’t moved on to anything new).

Anyway, my current project is my Advent Calendar, which is highly unlikely to be finished in time for this year. I’ve managed to sew half of the cross-stitch patterns, and haven’t yet begun to assemble the pockets. And I still need to get hold of another six Christmassy/Wintry patterns.


But it’ll keep me busy and out of trouble in the New Year as I finish it for next Christmas.

My watching for this week has involved a lot of House, M.D. I’ve heard lots of good things about it, and besides: Hugh Laurie. To be honest, I don’t think much more needs to be said. It’s Laurie in a wonderfully made-for-Laurie sort of a role. It’s got the aristocratic arrogance of his early comic roles with the intelligence and cynicism of his later ones. Prince George crossed with whichever Baddun brother. Or perhaps simply a more fleshed-out version of Mr Palmer from Sense & Sensibility, in which I’m not sure if he managed an entire sentence. Anyway, House is good. My preferred sort of hospital drama. I wasn’t a Scrubs or an ER or a Casualty fan, but House. House I like.