To Protect Against the…Um…Sun…

I read some good news the other day.


Apparently, chocolate contains something (one of its antioxidants or something) which helps protect against sun-damage. Now, admittedly I read this in a less than reputable place, but I’ll take any ‘study’ like this which results in even more good reason to believe that chocolate is good for me. As with all these studies, they stress that it is dark chocolate which has the greatest benefits. But that just means you have to eat more of either milk or white chocolate to get the same effect, right?

So, it protects against strokes (or is it heart disease?); it makes people happy; and now it protects against the sun. And those are just the things which I can remember off the top of my head. Not that I really need any of these reasons. I’ll eat chocolate whatever. It’s just tasty. Besides which, it’s made from something (cacao beans) which grow on trees. That makes it one of my five-a-day, doesn’t it? Especially if it’s a chocolate orange. I mean, that’s practically a fruit!

Given that I’m something of a sun-worshipper (I’m solar-powered, me), it’s quite heartening to find that one of my favourite things (chocolate) helps my skin. I like to think that my (somewhat vast) consumption of chocolate helps me stay warm in cold places – my veins and arteries are awash with molten chocolate, not blood. Now I hear it’s the reason that it takes a while before I begin to burn. It certainly explains why one of the best moisturisers I’ve found is a cocoa butter one.


So what’re you waiting for? Go eat some chocolate – it’s good for your skin!