New Hope for Summer

This weekend marks the start of British Summer Time. For the non-Brits reading this, yes, we need to be told when it is or we might miss it…Lasts from about now until the end of October. If we’re lucky we’ll some sunshine and it’ll feel like summer too. If we’re less lucky, it’ll rain.

But hopefully this summer is starting as it means to go on, and the last couple of days, although foggy and cold in the morning, have been quite glorious. Although – is it just me, or is having bluebells out in March a bit weird?

As for my stitching and writing, I’m hoping both will pick up a bit. I’m solar-powered, so with the longer days approaching, my energy levels should likewise rise.

My Paris sampler has got this far:

Cycling in Paris

Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get my nice pink bike out again for cycle-rides in the forest. And picnics, since I have a lovely wicker-basket to go on the front of it.