Fudge Brownies


I was trying to write an essDSCN1806ay this afternoon, but I was distracted by a longing for something cake-y. So I rummaged through the cupboards to see which ingredients I have and then I hunted for a recipe to fit my ingredients. And I came up with Fudge Brownies. Which would have worked even better if I’d remembered that the Aga is quite hot and I needed to check on them after twenty minutes, rather than the recipe’s required forty.

I found the recipe in a book entitled Death by Chocolate. It’s a nice simple sort of recipe, meDSCN1808lting butter and chocolate, mixing sugar and eggs and flour and putting it all together. Then baking.

I scaled down the amount of sugar in the recipe by a quarterDSCN1811 – a side-effect of Lent is that I now struggle with overly sweet things –  and switched out pecan nuts for the rest of the dried strawberries (since I have them, but not nuts). So this became a 2, 3, 4, 6 recipe: 2oz plain chocolate with 4oz butter melted together; 2 eggs mixed with 6oz sugar and 3oz flour (preferably self-raising; I used plain plus bicarb). All happily blended together with chopped dried strawberries thrown in for good measure


and then baked in the oven.

Verdict: sadly a little dry, because of the over-baking, but otherwise tasty. So a recipe to be re-tested whileDSCN1817 keeping a much closer eye on them.