Simple Stitches

It’s easier, I find, to discover simple, ¬†good, recipes than simple, pretty, cross stitch patterns.

This, I consider a crying shame in my current time-poor life. Same goes for the crochet, although that’s more because my tired brain can’t quite cope with the concentration required for my monster projects. I’m hoping this will change shortly.

However, and for which I will be very grateful because my April is full of birthdays, a recent edition of CrossStitcher held within its pages simple, but effective, birthday card designs.


There was another design similar to this, but a smidgeon smaller with the words ‘With Love’ picked out. I have a strong suspicion that these designs will be my go-to birthday card patterns. Especially since they only took an hour or two each.

Have you any favourite simple cross-stitch designs? Where did you find them?

Stitching a Frown Away


I’m not a huge people-person: in fact, I generally quite dislike People. I especially don’t like People if they ring up when I’m in the middle of something and ask stupid questions. Like if the shop’s open.

In the normal way of things, this might not be a stupid question, but the opening times are directly below the telephone numbers. If only People would just read! It’s honestly not difficult. That, and I answered the phone. If we’re not open, I let them leave a message.

As a result of such frustrations at work, I’ve taken to carrying my little cross-stitch kits in my handbag, so I can sit down quietly for half an hour and stitch my irritations away. Sometimes it works. Other times, I get more of the stupid phone calls and nothing, not even chocolate, can work.

Despite the annoyances, I’ve enjoyed stitching this little bear. He reminds me of a photo I used to have, of my own polar-bear teddy sat on a snowy lawn, with snow still falling. He was less white, being my oldest teddy, and, by then, a bit grubby.



It feels a bit weird to be stitching such a wintry scene while the sun shines warmly outside. It’s also quite weird considering Christmas so far in advance now that I’m out of the sort of Retail which begins its Christmas campaign now.

However, needs must and all that.

I counted up my patches when I popped this one into my “Current Projects” box. When I’ve done my next one, which is my last Mouseloft kit, I’ll have eighteen. Which means I need to hunt around for another six. I already have a plan for a big patch for the twenty-fifth one for Christmas Day.

But I think after my next one I might have a little break from Christmas kits and have a go at some of the quite pretty ones I’ve found in my various magazines. Mark and I are going to be moving soon, and I’m going to get stuck in with decorative items. And setting me up in a little Stitchery-office of my very own.