Spring-Cleaning the Stash

I always find the Easter weekend to be a good moment to at least begin the annual spring-clean.

The days are lengthening, Winter has hopefully finally been given the old heave-ho, and I’m beginning to feel optimistic and energised about the coming Summer. We did also have a flat-inspection by the landlord just before Easter too, which gave an additional incentive to tidy up.

It doesn’t look much like we’ve had a tidy, though. Not now. Not since I took it into my head to have a rummage through my yarn stash to come up with a new project/see if I have the right stuff for planned projects. Now I have yarns and crochet magazines strewn across the floor.


In doing so, though, I have found a new project – the sort which doesn’t take too much thinking, and which can be done in amongst more complicated projects.

One of the side-effects of buying crochet magazines, like with cross-stitch, is ending up with a collection of the freebies. With cross-stitch, these are mini kits. With crochet, it’s usually little balls of yarn.

And because I so rarely make whatever they recommend doing with the yarn, I now have a box of random colours.  Admittedly, some of these are the ends of balls from previous projects. But the new project with my box is a patchwork blanket of granny squares, with the intention of practising different granny square patterns, rather than just doing the same one over and over, though I have already done three of the normal one. Just as a start.

I’m also planning a couple of the Virus shawl, as a light Summer-evening cover-up. But I haven’t the right yarns for them. Not yet..Oh dear…Trip to Hobbycraft required…

Stitching in Springtime


The beginning of April has brought with it sunnier, more optimistic weather. I’ve seen humble bumbles and many many ladybirds and the flowers are making their presence seen.

I don’t blame the kitty for trying to hide in the daffodils. Now is the time for sunshine and daisies and enjoying the weather and looking forward to summer.

The only problem, I find, is that the longer evenings make me feel like I should be doing something other than curling up on my sofa, cross-stitch or crochet in hand, not being outside in the evening sun…


Springing into Action


Spring is the time of plans and projects.

Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

I know what you’re thinking: It’s too early to be thinking of Spring (or, in my case, Summer, since I tend to divide the year into Summer – from when the clocks go forward – and Winter – when the clocks go back. Basically British Summer Time and Greenwich Mean Time). It’s still cold outside, and the evenings aren’t yet light enough, and it’s still grey and brrr…

But, the Sun, even if weakly, has made her appearance. The days are getting longer – it’s a wonderful thing to walk home after work and for it still to be light! Not that I have a garden to sit in and enjoy the sunshine, but you know, the thought’s there.

And I can feel my mood lifting already, now that my solar-panels are beginning to recharge again. There’s something so wonderfully joyous about a walk in the sunshine.

That and now I can start looking forward to summer-dresses and not having to wrap up warm in millions of layers or finding a non-laddered pair of tights.