Baby’s First Rabbit

There’s nothing like the announcement of an imminent new arrival in a family for a happy crafter to get crafting.

Now, admittedly the imminent new arrival for our family isn’t due until January (not mine; Mark’s cousin), but I thought I’d get a head start. I have a cross-stitch sampler planned as well, but in the mean time I’ve dug out an old pattern for a rabbit.I think the pattern cover wants to suggest it’s some variety of collectable, not a toy, but I successfully made this in fleece when I was but a child, trying to replace a much-loved and sadly lost rabbit. So it works as a pattern for a soft toy.

Having found my pattern, I’ve also dug out some yellow flanneling (I think) which seems a good fabric for a newborn’s toy, with some yellow silk for lining the ears. Yellow is a good, neutral colour, given that it’s still too early to find out whether Baby’s male or female.

Rabbit Pieces

So I spent a happy afternoon pinning and cutting, and wondering how the front and back pieces are meant to fit together, and how I managed before. I’ve looked at them every which way, and still can’t work it out. Hopefully it’ll come to me while I’m sewing them together.

I’ve made it before, I can make it again – in true, Blue Peter Style: Here’s Rachel, one I made earlier (much earlier)…

Rachel Rabbit

I didn’t make the dress…