Watching While You Work

It’s amazing (or not) how much stitching can be done in a week of curling up on the sofa re-watching things.

The re-watching part of that is the important part. Much easier to concentrate when you’re not caught up in the drama quite so much. And yes, I am re-watching Buffy immediately after watching it for the first time. What can I say, I like it.


It’s nice to have finished this. It’s strange how some things can become almost an obsession which need finishing ASAP, and how others don’t, and just seem to drag.

This one, for some reason, was one of the latter. Not sure why.

But now that this is done and almost dusted, I’m looking for some nice, quick, simple, single-episode, Christmas card designs. Could do with quick patterns. Things which don’t require a heavy investment of time and energy.