POTM: Treat Yourself

Sometimes, I’m not sure if my bright ideas for a shortcut really are all that bright…

My project for November is a fun Christmas motif designed to become a bag, probably full of Christmas treats. I was planning on getting the evenweave suggested, but while I was gathering the last few threads in Hobbycraft, I found a canvas bag which looked about right. Right sort of size anyway, no idea what the count might be, ¬†other than probably a bit irregular…

But I thought it might save me a step or two at the end. Replace the straps and line it, but can’t go too far wrong for a quid, though I.


And then I started stitching…it’s going to be a long project…

And They Balance

I’m supposed to be preparing for NaNoWriMo this month. Planning and fixing plot-holes. Generally getting ready for no social life while I attempt to burn out writing a complete first draft. Or half complete.

Instead, I’m finding new things to watch and stitching like it’s going out of fashion…


I’m in two minds about filling in those four elephants – I quite like them as outlines. Bit like a pen and ink drawing. But I’m pleased with my progress on this piece.

A Change of Projects

With this rather unexpected change into actual summer (sunshine and blue skies and everything! Quick, get the BBQ!), I’ve changed my July project. A bit late in the day, you might say, being as how we’re now over half way through the month, but I was hoping that the new project will be quicker. That was until I started stitching it.

You see, I began the kitchen clock. I counted my two dozen squares to the first available stitch, and then began doing the clock-face outline. I got all the way around, and discovered the two ends don’t match up like they’re supposed to. And I can’t see where I’ve gone wrong, so I’ve put that pattern to one side for another day and found a nice, simple, kitchen-themed sampler instead. (I found it on Etsy, if anyone’s interested, but I’m afraid I can’t remember which shop…)

It’s a little slogan which says “This kitchen is seasoned with love” and there’s a couple of hearts and it looked very minimalistic and straightforward.

So I started stitching. Letters take longer than you think. There seems to be far more counting, too. New July POTM

Yes, so far, I’ve only half-done the L…