Rabbits, Blankets and Camping

Well, that was a longer break than anticipated! In the meantime, I’ve also scrapped an awful lot of what I had planned…which isn’t all that helpful, when you think about it.

However. I have managed to return to both cross stitch and crochet, though to none of my current or other planned projects.

Instead, I have started small, ish, and simple. A rabbit kit from a magazine, and a granny square baby blanket. Both just right for helping my brain make sense of the mess it has made in planning a 5-book series…

Bunny and blanket.jpg

How To Begin

The hardest part of writing anything, they say, is the beginning. Always the beginning.

Just start the sentence – and see what happens. This is how we write

Jincy Willett, The Writing Class

If you don’t start the sentence, and you prevaricate and procrastinate, then you’ll never know how it ends – or what happens in the middle. It might surprise you.

I find the best way to begin a story is to have a vague idea, and then work from there. I’m not really a planner; I might have somewhere I want to go – my novel had its ending before its beginning – or I might have a specific character in mind, but what really happens is a mystery to me. I write to find out more.

This works for me because I like to just get on with the writing, with the exploring.

Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.

E L Doctorow