Birds of a Feather

For a few months each year, I have a lull in birthdays, and I get to spend some time working on other projects. Projects for me.

Fortunately, my lull in birthdays happens in consecutive months through the summer. Of course, the summer does bring other distractions in the stitching world. For one, it is wedding-season, after all; for two, it’s about time to start thinking about Christmas cards, if they’re to be done in time to make the post…More on them anon.


This year, though, I’m combining a wedding-project with something I’ve been umm-ing and ahh-ing about for the last few years. Well, OK, in my hunt for a suitable wedding-gift, I came across a pattern I designed back when I worked in a card-shop. I never did anything with it, beyond sketching it out and making a stab at picking colours. With a little adaptation and personalisation, I think it might be just right.

As I go along, I’m making changes to the original colours, for the better, but no doubt I won’t really know until I’ve completed it. It’s not going to be a huge project; in the 16-count aida I’m using it won’t be more than a 6-inch square. But I have ideas about mounting it on a sort of quilted background. We’ll see.

Updating Dino


I’m taking Dino slowly, partly because of stitching onto linen and partly because of having lots of other things I want to do and trying to work out my future plans at the same time and trying not to burn out from trying to enthusiastically do too much.

However, I have now finally worked out quite how much fabric I really needed for it – I guessed I needed 20″x15″. I think I actually need 10″x6.5″. Better too much than too little, I suppose, but now I’m considering stitching the other half of Dino, having run out of graph paper to map on his back-end.


I expect I’ll make my final decision when I finish the rest of the design and work out quite how big this book-bag needs to be.