Apple and Mango Flapjack


I was experimenting, based on my previous flapjacks. This was nice and simple, merely melting butter and mixing that with mashed banana, chopped fruits and nuts and oats and baking for about twenty minutes. Apparently it worked. Certainly it’s tastier than muesli, so I reckon it’d make a good breakfast.

I didn’t start off with the idea of apple and mango. I wanted to make more flapjack. Since I needed to get more oats, I pottered to the dried fruits section to have a look. Always a mistake. Fortunately, though, the majority were sweetened, so they were ruled out. The mango, though, was fine. So that went into the basket. Since the other dried fruits were out-of-bounds, and apple and mango go well together, it was decided that chopped apple would be added.

So. Butter melted over a medium heat while the various fruits were being chopped or mashed. Chopped mixed nuts were chucked in as an afterthought. One of those “Yeah, that’d work, why not?” thoughts. So in they went. Then the butter, now a yellow pool, and oats. All was thoroughly stirred and dolloped into a lined baking tray. Into the oven for about twenty minutes.


It came out smelling like a crumble.

And tomorrow I get to eat sugar again (Church counting ends Lent on Good Friday: count the days (but not Sundays!) if you don’t believe me!). Normally I go to Easter Sunday, but my mother makes the best hot cross buns in the world, and she only makes them on Good Friday. So it’s stop ‘early’ or miss out. I’d rather stop early…