The Hunt for The One

There’s this idea for brides that you will find, probably after an exhaustive hunt, a dress. This dress will be unlike any other. You will look and feel a bride in it. It will make you look stunning, the most beautiful that you will ever look.

It will also cost a fortune and you will likely have ordered it in a smaller size in the belief that you will lose weight for your wedding.

It will be the star of the wedding, the one thing which people will ask about.


I began my hunt with the lovely ladies at Fur Coat No Knickers, in Central London. You see, I know I want a shorter dress (there’s no way I’m having a train!), with a full skirt of lots of lovely fabric and swish, and a one-off vintage dress would be brilliant. Oh, and not too expensive. I think it’s ridiculous to spend vast sums on a dress for one day, so it’ll either be cheap, or easily dyed.

So that’s my checklist.


I wriggle in and out of dresses for a while. I swish and flick the skirts. My sister and I decide that I need lace and sleeves. My sister reckons that I need a long veil. The veil makes it bridal, she thinks. She becomes quite excited about it all.

We decide that it needs to be full to the ground or at least to mid-calf. Anything between seems just a bit odd on my admittedly short frame. I’m 5’3”.


While we don’t find ‘The One’, I get some good ideas as to what I’d like. Lace, sleeves, mid-calf length. And white. I’ve never been sure if it suits but apparently it does. I don’t decide on the length of veil though. That I’ll do once I’ve found my dress!

(And, no, none of these dresses are in the running, in case my partner reads this!)