To Relax :-)

Ah! The end of the week. A moment to rest and relax.


And what better way than with a good hot chocolate topped with ice cream? I’d say when eaten with cookies, but the only ones I’ve made this week have been peanut butter ones, and I’m not a huge fan of peanuts…(the things one does for one’s partner!) I’ll let you have the recipe when I’ve adjusted it for non-peanut eaters…

I don’t often drink hot chocolate. I don’t normally like drinking milk (call it an eccentricity) but sometimes I indulge myself. I prefer to use cream (double, if possible) but that’s not a fridge essential. 

How do you relax at the end of the week?

(This is only so short because I’m behind in my NaNoWriMo word target for this week…)

Angel Delight

Ah the memories of childhood! Few desserts bring them to the fore like Angel Delight. Or a little pot of jelly with vanilla ice cream and hundreds and thousands.

I don’t eat instant whips so often these days (but I do have a fantastic recipe for instant happiness that I’ll share one day. Brilliant as a remedy for PMT), since mousses are quite easy to whip up.


But I was quite intrigued, and excited, to find in a 99p store, that Angel Delight now also do ice cream mixes. Although, I have used their instant whips as a base for ice cream before (simply substitute the milk for cream and stick it in the freezer). But this is supposed to be proper ice cream.

I’m a bit dubious – the instructions say to use semi-skimmed milk. Normally I’d use cream, but I thought I’d follow the packet. For once. Whisk it all together – it’s supposed to double in size, but I got bored of whisking early, so I didn’t wait that long. But it’s mostly whisked.


Instant ice cream – in several hours!

Must admit, it’s not bad. Surprisingly creamy. And apparently I ate it too quickly to photograph the finished ice cream. I was quite impressed it wasn’t too cocoa powdery. I don’t normally like chocolate ice cream because it doesn’t normally taste of chocolate, but this was passably chocolate. Nom.