Projects Almost Done: Spring-Cleaning the Craft Room

Every crafter has them. Not just projects abandoned half way through, but projects which are basically finished and just need framing or mounting or the outlines or something to actually complete it.


For me, it’s normally the outlining which gets forgotten. But in my tidying and trying to find quicker crafting tasks, I’ve come across several projects which just need those final touches – a mount, a frame, in one case clock hands – to complete them. And since my flat came with picture hooks already on the walls, this seems an excellent motivator to finish off those projects. I’ve even, finally, got the clock mechanism for something I otherwise completed two years ago.


It might even be put together before the end of the year.

Knitting a Cold Away


Given my relative inexperience with knitting, and my ability to add in extra stitches, I’m actually quite pleased with how this is progressing, although I expect I shall need more wool than I have and will therefore, probably, change colours. Mostly because trying to match colours is just a nightmare. I’ll just try and find a yarn which feels about right and pick a colour which will go with this one, which isn’t quite white. But I’ll decide when I get there.

A Day in Bed


Apparently a cough and a sniffle is enough for one’s husband to insist on complete bed-rest, so I haven’t been baking in the last couple of days. So, sadly, I have no recipe to offer this week.

I’ve been using my enforced laziness to catch up on various TV series – Call the Midwife and now Whitechapel – and to get in a bit of knitting. Only, I only have the bits and bobs which he could find to bring to me, and he couldn’t find the pattern for an Owl I started a few days ago, so I’m attempting an off-pattern shawl, in a white yarn of dubious origin. I have no idea what sort of yarn it is; I’ve had it for simply years. I expect it’s some cheap polyester stuff, but it feels all right. I’m hoping it’ll turn into a simple, triangular sort of a shawl, no fancy stitches or anything. Maybe I’ll knit in a few lines of colour, but I’m making it up as I go along, so we’ll see how it turns out. I’m using some nice fat needles, although I’d probably do better with circular ones.

I’m mostly just hoping that it’ll be long enough…