Crafty Shoppers

It’s a well-known fact that a crafter cannot simply walk into, for example, Hobbycraft without buying something. It’s just impossible.

I was well aware that when I walked into and joined a charity near me called the Dorset Scrap Store that I would be walking out with more fabrics. I was prepared, and was limiting myself to the fiver I had in my purse.


Cost me a grand total of £3.50, and I’ll probably use them to make cushion covers. Or, maybe, some evening clutch bags.

But when I walked into IKEA a day or so ago, I was not intending to walk out with fabrics. I knew, of course, that they sell fabrics, but upholstery isn’t the sort of fabric which makes me go weak at the knees. I have myself a little look, but I can resist. I had my usual, cursory glance at the fabrics, and was about to walk away again when I suddenly realised that what I was looking at would be good for cross-stitch.

So I added them to my stash too.


And now I really ought to make some rule about not being able to buy more stuff if I don’t first use what I already have, but how many crafters actually manage to stick to that?!

New Home Fabrics


In the furnishing of our new home, Mark and I have decided we need bean bags. Large bean bags.

As such, we required a trip to a fabric shop. My preferred one is the factory shop for Heathcoats, in my home town. No other purveyor of fabrics comes close to the feeling I get when I go to Heathcoats. I have bought fabrics from there for years, and purloined scraps from my mother’s stash from there for even longer, ever since the first, frankly terrible, fake Dalmation-fur satchel I made as an eight-year-old. No, I don’t still have it.

Sadly, Mark did not allow me to linger as long as I might wish, although I did get to have a quick rummage in the off-cuts section, in which I found a lilac faux suede and some dark blue poly-satin which will go beautifully together when I decide what to make with them. My tendency is rather to buy the fabric and then decide what to make.

We also found the above patterned fleece for the making of a large, cosy bean bag. More on this later, when I start to make it…

The Glow of Inspiration

There’s nothing like a good trip to the countryside, in all its sunshinery, spring-time glory for a nice dollop of inspiration.


Mark and I went home to the Shire for the weekend,and I’ve come away with my little sketchpad full of lots of little (badly drawn, because drawing was never really my forte) sketches of ideas or designs for my cross-stitching. Now to work out how best to turn them into patterns!

I’ve also come away with some really very lovely fabric.


I don’t yet have a project for it, but I just had to have it. It’s a sheer sort of fabric with this gorgeous pattern on it, and I know whatever I make with it will be just lovely.