Eurovision and Stitching

They pulled out all the stops this year, for Eurovision. I don’t watch it for the music – I watch it for the stage-shows, and the presenters’ costume-changes. I think I counted four for Petra.

I wasn’t particularly rooting for anyone, although I liked Cyprus, and thought there were better entries than Ukraine. However.

It was a good evening, and creative inspiration clearly rubbed off on me as I managed to get quite a bit of stitching for the Dalahäst done. I have, though, mislaid one of my threads. Quite an important colour, too, so I’m trying to work around it by leaving all of that colour until the end. Hopefully my counting won’t go wrong…

Swedish Horse

I also discovered an inadvertent colour-change. Apparently what I thought was No. 335 is actually No. 35, although since I don’t have that thread anyway, it might just be that I forgot to note the change on my pattern. Oh well!

Mostly all I have left is large blocks of No. 335 and outlining in No. 46, which is my missing thread. There are a few more details to do, but the majority are done.


I know. Eurovision isn’t very “cool” in Britain.

I don’t really understand the snobbery that comes with Eurovision. I get that some of the entries are rubbish and a lot of the lyrics are cheesy.

But there’s one thing that you can count on Eurovision for, and it’s this: music with catchy tunes.

If there’s one thing about (modern) music that I like, it’s a catchy tune. I’m not the world’s most athletic person. By nature, I’m quite lazy. But I like to dance around like a lunatic on occasion, and Euro-pop is an excellent soundtrack for that.

The other thing I like about Eurovision is, to quote this year’s Danish presenter, the “glimmer-glammer”. I like that phrase. It sums up Eurovision quite well, if you take it to mean all the pyrotechnics and flashy lights and sparkly costumes.


Eurovision 2012, Uppsala

So this weekend, I’m heading off to my friend’s, and we’re having a Eurovision party. And it’s going to be so much fun, because there’s nothing serious about Eurovision.

Except a couple of years back when we wanted Sweden to win for when we’d be in Sweden and Azerbaijan won instead. On the flip side, though, being surrounded by Swedes when Loreen won the following year – That was just such a good atmosphere. Euphoric, one might say…