Red Dragon

With St David’s Day just gone, it seemed an appropriate moment to finish this little Mouseloft pattern I began, oh, months ago.

I like dragons. I feel they are often misunderstood. Mostly, the poor things are villains of the story, being killed by so-called heroes or having their carefully guarded treasures stolen. All they want is to look after their gold, is that too much to ask? Admittedly it’s often ill-gotten gold, but even so. They’re keeping it safe. For everyone. As long as everyone leaves them alone to their gold.


Now just leave this one to look after her egg.

There Be Dragons…!

There Be Dragons...!

I’ve always liked dragons; dragons are awesome. There’s something so wonderfully graceful and elegant about the fire-breathing winged lizards. And they’re nearly always beautiful jewel colours. You don’t often find a pastel pink dragon sleeping on (probably) her stash of silver. Not even the dragon in Shrek was a pastel colour.
My dragon, whom I have named Fáfnir, came about because I felt that the black coffee table was, frankly, boring and required livening up. Fáfnir is the dragon from the Saga of the Volsungs/Nibelungenlied/Wagner’s Ring Cycle who steals the Rhine-gold which causes lots of problems. So I gathered poster paints and glitter glues and paint brushes, found a picture of a dragon which I could copy and drew a dragon on the table top. Then I settled down to listen to Radio 4 as I painted. Fáfnir has been varnished to help protect him from the dangers and rigours of life and one day, I plan to cover him with a glass pane. Just don’t steal any of his treasure-hoard! Don’t even try…