Banana Date Flapjack

It’s a simple recipe today (sadly no pictures: stupid camera’s having a tantrum – hopefully it’ll work again before I’ve eaten all the flapjack and a picture can follow shortly…). A tasty one though. It has to be quick at the moment, I’m supposed to be writing my dissertation!

However a quick, easy and very tasty recipe, which is actually quite sweet, despite the lack of added sugar/honey/etc.! I know dates are full of fructose, but this is quite sweet enough! Apparently I’ve become very used to unsweetened foods and my sugar tolerance has dropped.

Anyway. Set the oven on at 175C/Gas Mark 5 and grease/line a baking tray.

Take 2-3 small bananas and mash them up. Add 1 cup (about 200g) chopped dates and 80ml olive oil. Mix it up. Add 2 cups oats and 1tsp vanilla essence and stir. Let it sit a moment so that the oats can soak up the oil. Fill the baking tray. Put in oven; make a cup of tea.

Bake for approx. 25 minutes. Remove from oven, allow to cool and eat 🙂