Eurovision and Stitching

They pulled out all the stops this year, for Eurovision. I don’t watch it for the music – I watch it for the stage-shows, and the presenters’ costume-changes. I think I counted four for Petra.

I wasn’t particularly rooting for anyone, although I liked Cyprus, and thought there were better entries than Ukraine. However.

It was a good evening, and creative inspiration clearly rubbed off on me as I managed to get quite a bit of stitching for the Dalahäst done. I have, though, mislaid one of my threads. Quite an important colour, too, so I’m trying to work around it by leaving all of that colour until the end. Hopefully my counting won’t go wrong…

Swedish Horse

I also discovered an inadvertent colour-change. Apparently what I thought was No. 335 is actually No. 35, although since I don’t have that thread anyway, it might just be that I forgot to note the change on my pattern. Oh well!

Mostly all I have left is large blocks of No. 335 and outlining in No. 46, which is my missing thread. There are a few more details to do, but the majority are done.

POTM: Unfinished Projects

The last couple of months haven’t been kind to my stitching, so I’ve decided my Project for May is simply to finish March and April’s projects – the Paris sampler, the Dalahäst, and the Typewriter (although since that one was supposed to be an in-between project, it’s at the bottom of my To-Do list).

The starting points –

Paris:                                                                          Dalahäst:

Springtime in Paris







 Typewriter2Hopefully this month at least one of these will be finished…

April’s Project of the Month: Dala-Häst

I know, I know – I never finished March’s project, so what am I doing starting something else?

Well, I’m hoping something a bit more solid will be a bit easier, with the counting and so on. It’s also a smaller design.

POTM - April

I’m liking the idea of such a colourful book-cover. There’s also a blue one over the page. Now I just need to decide which one I’m going to stitch…