Keeping Warm this Winter

In these dark and dismal days of winter, it’s nice to think of brighter things – of sunshine and daisies and warm summer days.


But until we get there, I’m making this brightly coloured granny square blanket to snuggle under. I just couldn’t resist the wool when I saw it in Hobbycraft..

It might take me a while – and a lot of wool! – but I’m finding it very therapeutic for an anxious mind, all these trebles and sets of three. Nothing complicated and I can nip along a line quite quickly.

For the interested, the yarn is by James C. Brett, called Party Time, shade PT4, and I’m using a 6.5mm hook. Oh, and it’s 100% acrylic.

A Way With Words

I got my stuff ready for July’s Project – cut the right-sized bit of linen, gathered my threads, found something to watch – and went straight back to June’s.

Which is now nearly finished. Just the last few stitches and the outlining to do.

A Way with Words

I think part of why I went back to this pattern was the relative mindlessness – cross-stitching squares. Nice and easy, straightforward. And now I’ve got to the point where, really, I need to finish this one before I can move on to July’s teapot-clock. At least up to the outlining.

Baby’s First Rabbit

There’s nothing like the announcement of an imminent new arrival in a family for a happy crafter to get crafting.

Now, admittedly the imminent new arrival for our family isn’t due until January (not mine; Mark’s cousin), but I thought I’d get a head start. I have a cross-stitch sampler planned as well, but in the mean time I’ve dug out an old pattern for a rabbit.I think the pattern cover wants to suggest it’s some variety of collectable, not a toy, but I successfully made this in fleece when I was but a child, trying to replace a much-loved and sadly lost rabbit. So it works as a pattern for a soft toy.

Having found my pattern, I’ve also dug out some yellow flanneling (I think) which seems a good fabric for a newborn’s toy, with some yellow silk for lining the ears. Yellow is a good, neutral colour, given that it’s still too early to find out whether Baby’s male or female.

Rabbit Pieces

So I spent a happy afternoon pinning and cutting, and wondering how the front and back pieces are meant to fit together, and how I managed before. I’ve looked at them every which way, and still can’t work it out. Hopefully it’ll come to me while I’m sewing them together.

I’ve made it before, I can make it again – in true, Blue Peter Style: Here’s Rachel, one I made earlier (much earlier)…

Rachel Rabbit

I didn’t make the dress…

The Kitten in the Threads


It’s an accepted truth that a cat left with a ball of wool will unravel and tangle it into knots you can’t undo. At least, not without vast amounts of time and patience.

Currently it feels a little like a kitten has got into the threads of my life, throwing everything into disarray and causing far too many problems, even for such an optimist as me. On the other hand, the undoing of the tangles might actually help me to work out what I’m doing with my life and what I want to do. We’ll see.


(I hadn’t realised quite how pale the thread was!)

The Kitten in the Threads. He’s destined for a birthday card.

On the stitching front of my plans this year, I intend to make all the cards I send, and to complete a “large” project each month, chosen from my CrossStitcher. At the moment, it seems as if I’m just making a long wish-list of projects. So I’m going to attempt to make a dent in it…Watch this space!

Choosing a Cushion

Well gosh, that was quick! The cross-stitch design I started last week – apparently it was a much faster design than I was expecting – and the last stitch was placed yesterday.

My plan was to back it with some lovely green-blue taffeta I bought ages ago for a dress I never made, and edge it with a bright blue ribbon (anyone wondering, Clinton’s do a wonderful range of satin ribbons for less than a quid). A quick rummage for the relevant items, though, has given me a few more options I’d completely forgotten about.

Cushion Fabrics

It’s nice to work on a decent-sized design that can be completed so quickly – big enough for it to be a proper project, but not so big that you lose interest or motivation before you’re done.

And now I just need to choose which of these fabrics and ribbons get to be the backing and border respectively. Then it can become a cushion cover and I’m one Christmas-present down, don’t want to count how many left…
How are your Christmas-making plans going?