To-Be-Stitched: Keeping Track of Future Projects

I have the same problems with cross-stitch patterns that I have with books: Quantity and Time. My TBR list is longer than my arm, and I have a box full of cross-stitching magazines and a drawer full of kits. And not enough hours in the day.

I don’t help myself, either, buying a new magazine each month, usually full of many patterns which I want to stitch. And then by trying to design my own patterns, too.

About ten magazines into my collection, though, I came to a decision. I was marking the patterns I liked by folding down the corner of the page, but I wasn’t really keeping track of them, for suitable occasions in the future or just-becauses. So, I did what comes naturally to the planner.

I began to note each pattern down, in a notebook, complete with the edition it was in, the length of time it supposedly took, and a complete list of all threads and fabrics required to complete the pattern. My Project Notebook. I also make a note of potential recipients.

And when it’s made, it gets ticked off the list.


Do you have a To-Be-Stitched list? How do you keep track of it?

Little Projects to Begin


This is my Current Projects box.

I’ve decided, since I want to master both knitting and crochet this year, that I’m going to spend the first six months on the knitting and then from July will be crocheting.

That “Current Knitting Project” you see in patches is a blanket which I began at least ten years ago. I don’t anticipate finishing any time soon – see how diddy the patches are! – but I shall continue to knit squares in between following patterns to knit other things. More complicated things. But I’m starting again with squares. Just to practise and remind myself how to knit.

And in-between finishing that Advent calendar and stitching cards, like the hedge-pig one I’ve started and other things.