Stir-Up Sunday

So the countdown to Christmas begins.


Traditionally, today, the last Sunday before Advent, is the day when all the Christmas baking is done. So that’s the cake, the pudding and the pies. With home-made mincemeat, of course, which you prepared back in the Autumn when the apples fell.


I haven’t actually made my cake yet. I haven’t had time. I’m going to use a cheat’s recipe at some point in the next month (in my *ahem* copious free time…). I’ll share it when I make it…

Normally, I’ll have made it by now, and I’ll feed it brandy every week. Not that I make traditional Christmas cakes. Mark isn’t a fan of raisins (or any dried grapes), so I substitute them for various other fruits, like cranberries and blueberries. Makes it a slightly lighter sort of cake.

How early do you do your Christmas baking?