No-Fuss Chocolate Cake

Is there anything better in this world than a good cake which requires very little effort to make?


This chocolate fudge cake fits the bill. Very definitely the lazy person’s cake, or the cake for the time-deprived. It’s even better than that 5-minute microwave cake in a cup recipe that floats around on Facebook.

Because this cake is a bread-maker cake, and it’s a cake-mix, in the manner of the bread-mixes you get for the bread-maker. You just put the mix in the machine, pour in so much water and oil, set the machine to the cake setting, and press on. An hour or so later, and you have a perfectly good loaf-cake. Alternatively you follow the instructions for the making of muffins.

This one would be particularly good with soured cream and berries on top, especially since it sank a little in the middle.

I shall be testing the other bread-maker cake mixes, since this one was so yummy.

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Because this is definitely what you need when it’s a wet, grey Sunday afternoon.


I haven’t been baking, or indeed concocting confectionery, very much recently. I’m not sure why. I like being in a kitchen, and eating such treats. But in the move from home to Bournemouth, where my partner’s studying for a Master’s, I seem to have left the vast majority of my recipe books behind. Admittedly this is mostly due to the fact that we haven’t nearly enough space for my (rather large) book collection.

I have only my Hummingbird Bakery recipe books with me. However, having slid quite happily into a fairly lazy existence, I decided most of the recipes are too complicated and involved too many ingredients.

So I’ve been lazy. I’ve used a cake mix. Mainly because they were going cheap in Lidl’s, and I’ve been curious for years to see how the cakes actually turn out. And it saved time, of which I clearly haven’t much…


But anyway. Chocolate Fudge Cake. The only extra ingredients required being 200ml water and 60ml/4tbsps oil. Mix it all together and splodge into a cake-tin to be thoroughly baked for about an hour.

The mix tastes yummy, and it smells wonderfully chocolatey, which is always a good sign.



And, deciding that it wasn’t nearly chocolatey enough, I made chocolate truffle icing to go on top. Well, it wasn’t a proper truffle icing, because the ratios of cream and butter to chocolate were incorrect, but meh. That doesn’t matter.


Aside from the cake being a little dry, which was probably my fault anyway, it’s not a half-bad cake, for so little effort. Pretty damn good with raspberry meringue ice cream too (thank you, Asda!)