Potential Wedding Cake #1

Is it too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year? I hope your resolutions are continuing well.

The countdown to the wedding begins in earnest now. I have less than eight months to organise this. Which is plenty of time, I’m sure. It’s all planned in my head. Just a bit annoying that this doesn’t also mean that it is, actually, planned and organised physically too.  A shame, that. Like essays. Think about them long enough and they write themselves, right? So far, though, it’s not been nearly as stressful as I’ve been led to believe. In fact, the only stressful moment came when I discovered I’d lost a diamond from my ring. We found it again, after a hunt through both the bin and the vacuum cleaner. Not that it was in either, but to be sure.

But anyway. I’m beginning this year with cake. Lots and lots of cake. Because we need to choose the wedding cake. Shame this, needing to test cakes and recipes. You can tell I’m taking any thought of a pre-wedding diet seriously, can’t you?

So. Wedding cake. Budgetary restraints mean that it’s more likely than not to be home-made. It won’t be hugely fancy and beautifully decorated (I’m no expert decorator), but it will be tasty. So I’m going through my recipe books, hunting likely cakes and trying the recipes. Mostly in cupcake-sized variety.

The only things about the wedding cake we know we don’t want are: the traditional fruit cake (Mark and his not liking raisins), and not too boozy. Which means that if I want to make it in advance, it needs to be freezable.

Potential cake no. 1 is named Extra Indulgent Cupcakes. It’s chocolatey and simple, from Women’s Weekly Chocolate Heaven edition from before Christmas. Being a chocoholic, I tend to collect anything with lots of chocolate recipes. There’ll probably be a few more cakes from this mag in the next few months.


It’s straight-forward. Butter, brown sugar, self-raising flour (4ozs of each), 2 eggs and 1oz of cocoa powder. Or drinking chocolate, which is what I used, since I seem to have a collection of Wittard’s luxury ones.

Butter and sugar creamed together, stirred in eggs, then the flour and beat until smooth.


Like I said, straight-forward and simple.

Teaspoons into cupcake cases, and bung ‘em in the oven for 12-15 minutes at 190C/Gas Mark 5. Decorate any way you wish. Probably best with a chocolatey icing. 

The recipe reckons this’ll make two dozen. I’ve got ten. Meh. Five for me, five for Mark. If he’s lucky.

Postscript Taste Comment: Having let them cool a bit, and getting a bit peckish, time for a Taste-Test! Aside from being perhaps a tad over-done (I always forget about fan-ovens), this doesn’t actually detract from the generally quite yummy cake. It’s still relatively moist in the middle too. As simple chocolate cakes go, this is a pretty darn good recipe. Thanks, Women’s Weekly!