The March of Time

I set myself a challenge. I keep setting this challenge, and failing, so I move the goalposts.

My aim is to finish my second draft by the time Mark and I get married. I have five weeks left of this, and most of the book left to write. I’m trying to write 3000 words a day, spurred on by the success of writing 50K in 30 days.

But given that I still have a day-job, and we’re into the last weeks of preparation for the wedding (and for which I feel sorely ill-prepared – I so wish we’d eloped!), my time is precious. It would be nice if I could bill myself for my time…Would make a fortune!

This means that there’s no recipe this week, and maybe next week too, but perhaps instead, I’ll be able to manage snippets of story.

Or what I write to combat writer’s block. I got myself one of those little books which are filled with ideas or trigger-words or pictures or scenarios to use to get back into the creative zone.


As far as wedding plans go, I’ve finally got around to having my dress altered, so it fits! And isn’t about three miles too long, even in 5″ heels. And I found shoes. In a charity shop, no less. I feel quite the green bride, with a vintage dress and second-hand shoes (I don’t think they’re old enough to be “vintage”), and vintage rings. I’m trying to persuade Mark to find a vintage suit – there were some nice ones in Exeter’s The Real McCoys, but I can see that they probably would be a bit heavy if the weather’s anything like it has been recently. Oh but there were some nice tail-coats! But we’ll see. Bournemouth is supposed to have some good vintage shops. We’ll investigate them.