Stitching in Springtime


The beginning of April has brought with it sunnier, more optimistic weather. I’ve seen humble bumbles and many many ladybirds and the flowers are making their presence seen.

I don’t blame the kitty for trying to hide in the daffodils. Now is the time for sunshine and daisies and enjoying the weather and looking forward to summer.

The only problem, I find, is that the longer evenings make me feel like I should be doing something other than curling up on my sofa, cross-stitch or crochet in hand, not being outside in the evening sun…


Returning to Work

I started a new job yesterday. At a book-sellers. Well, not the sort you’re thinking of. A middleman-company for libraries.

But it’s weird, after about ten weeks of not setting an alarm and having funny sleeping patterns, to be seeing two 7 o’clocks in a day. On the other hand, at least it is now light when I wake up so early, and I get to return home while the evening is still young. It’ll take a little getting used to, new routines and all. And organising my other actitivities, like my writing and my stitching, around the disruption. So, my scheduling might be a bit peculiar for the next week or so while I get my head around it.

In the meantime, because the internet likes kitty-pictures, a mini-project I completed last week for Mothering Sunday (and then never sent out…or turned into a card), I took from a selection of mummy-and-baby animal-patterns for new babies. I fell into the Typical Girl response of Aww – cute! at some of them, particularly the cats. And the elephants, and the ducks. The rest weren’t quite as cute.


The Kitten in the Threads


It’s an accepted truth that a cat left with a ball of wool will unravel and tangle it into knots you can’t undo. At least, not without vast amounts of time and patience.

Currently it feels a little like a kitten has got into the threads of my life, throwing everything into disarray and causing far too many problems, even for such an optimist as me. On the other hand, the undoing of the tangles might actually help me to work out what I’m doing with my life and what I want to do. We’ll see.


(I hadn’t realised quite how pale the thread was!)

The Kitten in the Threads. He’s destined for a birthday card.

On the stitching front of my plans this year, I intend to make all the cards I send, and to complete a “large” project each month, chosen from my CrossStitcher. At the moment, it seems as if I’m just making a long wish-list of projects. So I’m going to attempt to make a dent in it…Watch this space!

Crazy Cat-Lady

Are you a dog-person, or a cat-person?


Me, I’m firmly a cat-person. Not to say I don’t like dogs, but given the choice I wouldn’t have one as a pet. Too needy and demanding of time and attention.

Cats, though, are famous for their aloofness – not that you’d know that with the two I’m currently looking after! Much indulged since kitten-hood, they like affection and attention. And laps to sleep on. And yet still better than a dog, since they’re still both quite capable of looking after themselves, catching rabbits for midnight snacks.

This Christmas-cat I’ve stitched for the Advent calendar reminds me a little of one of the cats we had before these two. He was aptly, if not very originally, named Ginger, and he passed away almost two years ago, at the grand old age of about 19, which isn’t bad for a cat. We’d had him since he was yay-big *indicates quite tiny*, when his mother, having weaned him and decided she couldn’t cope with her litter, abandoned him in our garden (reports from those who remember – not me! – vary as to where in the garden), where he was discovered by my siblings, mewling pathetically.

And as an update on the Advent calendar: I’m reaching the end of my stash of Mouseloft kits and will need to count up my squares soon, to see if I have enough. I have a feeling I might be a couple short, but at any rate I’m considerably closer to the end of this project!