In Being Sensible

As predicted, this was the week (that was) that I sacrificed sleep to write. I still haven’t quite caught up to schedule, but I’m now not quite as far behind as I was. I’m also quite tired, having had quite a busy week at work as well.

However. To break from my fictional world, and return to the NaBloProMo challenge which has been suffering a little in my sleep-deprived dash to catch up with my words, here is a photo I took years ago, with my first digital camera.


I was still in the testing stage and playing with all the settings. Because, of course, the first thing which anyone does when a hornet flies into their room is to get the camera out and stick the lens in the face of a vicious, stinging insect.

Well, we all know quite how sane, sensible and normal I am.

But mostly, I would like to give thanks for the awesome radio station that is ClassicFM, for helping me tackle my mountain of a word back-log today. To all the other NaNoWriMo-ers out there, with access to it, stick it on!