Simple Stitches

It’s easier, I find, to discover simple, ¬†good, recipes than simple, pretty, cross stitch patterns.

This, I consider a crying shame in my current time-poor life. Same goes for the crochet, although that’s more because my tired brain can’t quite cope with the concentration required for my monster projects. I’m hoping this will change shortly.

However, and for which I will be very grateful because my April is full of birthdays, a recent edition of CrossStitcher held within its pages simple, but effective, birthday card designs.


There was another design similar to this, but a smidgeon smaller with the words ‘With Love’ picked out. I have a strong suspicion that these designs will be my go-to birthday card patterns. Especially since they only took an hour or two each.

Have you any favourite simple cross-stitch designs? Where did you find them?

Marking Your Place

Birthday Bookmark

It’s nice to take time away from larger projects to do little, one-evening, projects. A breather, if you will, and because of other Life things, like people’s birthdays. And I’ve come to the conclusion that if I’m going to be making birthday cards, I’m going to need to gather stickers and stuff to decorate. Otherwise the pretty cross-stitch will be surrounded by my not-very-good scribblings…