Angel Delight

Ah the memories of childhood! Few desserts bring them to the fore like Angel Delight. Or a little pot of jelly with vanilla ice cream and hundreds and thousands.

I don’t eat instant whips so often these days (but I do have a fantastic recipe for instant happiness that I’ll share one day. Brilliant as a remedy for PMT), since mousses are quite easy to whip up.


But I was quite intrigued, and excited, to find in a 99p store, that Angel Delight now also do ice cream mixes. Although, I have used their instant whips as a base for ice cream before (simply substitute the milk for cream and stick it in the freezer). But this is supposed to be proper ice cream.

I’m a bit dubious – the instructions say to use semi-skimmed milk. Normally I’d use cream, but I thought I’d follow the packet. For once. Whisk it all together – it’s supposed to double in size, but I got bored of whisking early, so I didn’t wait that long. But it’s mostly whisked.


Instant ice cream – in several hours!

Must admit, it’s not bad. Surprisingly creamy. And apparently I ate it too quickly to photograph the finished ice cream. I was quite impressed it wasn’t too cocoa powdery. I don’t normally like chocolate ice cream because it doesn’t normally taste of chocolate, but this was passably chocolate. Nom.