POTM: Unfinished Projects

The last couple of months haven’t been kind to my stitching, so I’ve decided my Project for May is simply to finish March and April’s projects – the Paris sampler, the Dalahäst, and the Typewriter (although since that one was supposed to be an in-between project, it’s at the bottom of my To-Do list).

The starting points –

Paris:                                                                          Dalahäst:

Springtime in Paris







 Typewriter2Hopefully this month at least one of these will be finished…

The Twisted Uterus

Of all the things which signal a return to ‘normalcy’ in Ambridge, you’d probably be hard-pressed to find something more suitable than a cow with a twisted uterus.

Other storylines will now be resumed, now that Helen has been remanded with her next court-appearance due in May and Great-Aunt Jill has fortuitously discovered that her god-daughter – hot-shot criminal barrister in Birmingham with a specialty in Domestic Abuse victims, don’t you know? – happens to be available, and willing to help out. Now if only someone knew a good child psychologist who could accidentally overhear some of what Henry’s been saying – !

Makes it easier to be stitching while listening to poor cows with twisted uteruses (uteri?) trying to give birth, and David giving up trying to help, instead calling in Alastair the vet.


It’s about time I had a new needle-case. They’re currently kept safe on a cut-off piece of aida.

Typing, Stitching, Listening

This week has not been kind to my creativity – either my writing, which is stalled on the last few thousand words of my current draft, or my stitching.

The reason is simple. For the first time in a long while, I’ve had a regular, 7 pm date with my radio. With Radio 4, to be exact. Those of you who know will know what I mean.

I’ve been hooked, for the first time since all that drama with Lilian and Matt and his money-laundering or embezzlement or whatever it was, on The Archers, with poor Helen and Rotten Rob. I do think she ought to ditch the Titchener name. Go back to being an Archer. She is allowed.

But what this means is that at 7.16 pm, to the fading notes of the twiddly theme music, I then hop onto Facebook, for the comments by Archers’ fans on the various Facebook groups. So very entertaining! And I don’t get much stitching done.

This isn’t to say I’ve done none – I take my typewriter to work with me for my lunch-break, since it has large sections of one-colour stitches, so I don’t have to carry lots of colours or think too much about counting and concentrating on a couple of stitches before changing threads.


April’s Project of the Month: Dala-Häst

I know, I know – I never finished March’s project, so what am I doing starting something else?

Well, I’m hoping something a bit more solid will be a bit easier, with the counting and so on. It’s also a smaller design.

POTM - April

I’m liking the idea of such a colourful book-cover. There’s also a blue one over the page. Now I just need to decide which one I’m going to stitch…

Springtime in Paris

Springtime in Paris

Whenever I think of Paris, I always remember when Linda Radlett, heroine of The Pursuit of Love, passed through on her way to Perpignan. She thought then that she’d return, and be very happy there. And then she did.

However, I feel hubris might have got the better of me, what with trying to finish this, and my novel, and starting a new job all in the same month. I feel like I’ve barely started this sampler, although I am within spitting distance of the end of this draft. And I’m still very much enjoying working in the Book-business.

As it is, with April fast approaching, Paris is going to be set aside for another design (and so many birthday cards!), to be finished in quiet moments, like my type-writer.

New Hope for Summer

This weekend marks the start of British Summer Time. For the non-Brits reading this, yes, we need to be told when it is or we might miss it…Lasts from about now until the end of October. If we’re lucky we’ll some sunshine and it’ll feel like summer too. If we’re less lucky, it’ll rain.

But hopefully this summer is starting as it means to go on, and the last couple of days, although foggy and cold in the morning, have been quite glorious. Although – is it just me, or is having bluebells out in March a bit weird?

As for my stitching and writing, I’m hoping both will pick up a bit. I’m solar-powered, so with the longer days approaching, my energy levels should likewise rise.

My Paris sampler has got this far:

Cycling in Paris

Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get my nice pink bike out again for cycle-rides in the forest. And picnics, since I have a lovely wicker-basket to go on the front of it.


Project Update: J’adore Paris

My stitching is going a little slowly this month. It’s the whole job-thing. More tiring than I remember. I’m looking forward to the long weekend coming up…

I’m enjoying the Parisian scene, though. It’s quite easy and simple to stitch, once you get use to counting single stitches across the linen. Takes a bit of concentrating, but it’ll look good when it’s done. With any luck.

Paris Cafe

Also, I so need to go back to following my organiser plans…