VCT: Côte d’Ivoire

I think I might have said that I was only going to ‘travel’ to one chocolate-country per month. Well, scratch that. I shall ‘travel’ as I find the chocolate.

Today, I’m off to Africa. To the Ivory Coast. Currently, the world’s largest producer of chocolate, and a place riven with war, which is bad news for chocolate-lovers. Tends to push the price of cocoa beans up, particularly when the outside world imposes tariffs and what-not in sanctions.

As the name suggests, originally the major export in this part of West Africa was not chocolate, but teeth. Tusks. Ivory.

Colonised by the French, this is still the official language, and it trades mainly in chocolate and coffee. Two things which go so very nicely together (not that I’m a huge fan of drinking coffee).

My chocolate is a 74% plain bar from Tesco. In its bid for plain packaging (I presume), Tesco doesn’t bother with any advertorial blurb on the back, no flowery description of how it will taste. I’m going to hazard a guess that whoever produced the packaging doesn’t much care for chocolate. Or they think chocolate is chocolate is chocolate. Doesn’t matter where it comes from. How wrong they are…

This is darker than the Peruvian bar from last time, by 12%. It has an earthier taste; one which I could almost describe as “dirty”, in the sense that it’s a grainier chocolate with a dusty sort of taste.

I feel, really, like I need another bar of Côte d’Ivoire chocolate of the same strength to compare it against. I have suspicions given that it came from Tesco. My experience of Tesco basics chocolate (compared against, for example, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, even Aldi or Lidl) is that there is no comparison. I avoid Tesco basic chocolate at all costs. It made some of the worst truffles I have ever made, and it is difficult to screw up my truffle recipe. I feel that someone who can’t manage basics chocolate probably can’t manage more expensive chocolate.

On my running score-board, Peru is top. Unless I find a non-Tesco Côte d’Ivoire to be a better experience. Anyone know where I can find one easily?

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