The Virtual Chocolate Tour

Before one embarks on any journey, one must prepare.

For a journey of this magnitude – I hope to take in as many of the chocolate-producing countries as I can – one must make a lot of preparations. For one thing, off the top of my head, I can only think of a handful of countries which grow cacao trees. I’m sure there are more. For another, because I will sadly not be visiting the countries in person, I will need to source as many different single-origin bars of chocolate as I can.

A brief search of the internet offers me at least twenty chocolate-producing countries. A quick trip to the nearest supermarket offers me four single-origin bars: Peru, Ghana, the Ivory Coast, the Dominican Republic. Finding bars of the rest might take some time – Mexico, Madagascar, Ecuador, the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, Cameroon, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Granada, Cuba, Somao (among others).

I look forward to my tour, beginning, I think, in Peru. I think it is time for me to find my favourite chocolate. I’ve been a fussy sort of chocolate-eater since I was about eighteen, when I first started making truffles, and began reading labels.

When it comes to tasting chocolate, I know that you can tell a good bar by the sound of its snap. It should be a quick, clean sound. And then you let the chocolate melt, slowly, on your tongue to let the flavours release.


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