Keeping Warm this Winter

In these dark and dismal days of winter, it’s nice to think of brighter things – of sunshine and daisies and warm summer days.


But until we get there, I’m making this brightly coloured granny square blanket to snuggle under. I just couldn’t resist the wool when I saw it in Hobbycraft..

It might take me a while – and a lot of wool! – but I’m finding it very therapeutic for an anxious mind, all these trebles and sets of three. Nothing complicated and I can nip along a line quite quickly.

For the interested, the yarn is by James C. Brett, called Party Time, shade PT4, and I’m using a 6.5mm hook. Oh, and it’s 100% acrylic.

Crocheting Christmas

Crochet is terribly addictive. (I so want to say I’m hooked on it but I can hear the groans from here…)

I started less than a week ago and I’ve been carrying a hook and yarn with me everywhere since.  Admittedly it helps that I’ve been curled up on a sofa sneezing and feeling sorry for myself.  Mostly, I’ve been making granny squares, of a solid pattern suitable for beginners. I think I’ve got that pattern pretty well fixed in my memory now. Patchwork blanket, here we come…

Only, of course, continuously making granny squares is a bit boring, so I found a more festive pattern. A snowflake. Sort of. I think I need to have another look at the pattern and try again.  More of a star really. Might be the yarn, though. Probably not the most suitable for this pattern. Or the hook was the wrong size.


But otherwise not bad for a first attempt.


The Art of Yarn

The other year – was it last year? Maybe the year before. Long enough ago that I can’t now remember when – I intended to learn how to knit and crochet properly. I kept seeing lovely yarn patterns and wishing I could make them.

I therefore collected together sets of crochet hooks and knitting needles and added various balls of yarn to my Stitchery stash, and then failed to learn either. I can just about knit, as long as it’s nothing more complicated than a square, but I completely gave up on the crochet. The diagrams never made any sense.

But recently, a lovely colleague who does crochet gave me a crash-course in basic crochet stitches, and I’m finally using my brightly coloured hooks…


I’m not following any pattern, just practising the stitches, but I’m quite pleased with how it’s going. If I made it bigger, or perhaps lots of different coloured squares like this one, I think it would make a nice blanket.