Evening Projects

Sometimes in the middle of a big project, you need a break. To complete a little project, just to remind yourself that yes, you can finish a pattern.

I find that Mouseloft cross stitch kits fit the bill very nicely. Mostly because I also tend to find them adorable. Like this baby elephant.


The wonderful thing about these kits is they can usually be completed in a couple of hours, detailing and all.

POTM: Treat Yourself

Sometimes, I’m not sure if my bright ideas for a shortcut really are all that bright…

My project for November is a fun Christmas motif designed to become a bag, probably full of Christmas treats. I was planning on getting the evenweave suggested, but while I was gathering the last few threads in Hobbycraft, I found a canvas bag which looked about right. Right sort of size anyway, no idea what the count might be,  other than probably a bit irregular…

But I thought it might save me a step or two at the end. Replace the straps and line it, but can’t go too far wrong for a quid, though I.


And then I started stitching…it’s going to be a long project…

Take Cover

Wonders will never cease…well. They probably will, but in the meantime, my stitching productivity is gathering steam.

I started this project way back when as an in-between project for when I finished the monthly projects early. Of course, that hasn’t happened very often since then, but hey. Can’t have everything. And now, minus the detailing,  as per normal, it is complete. I’ll need a new in-between project…


Trouble with the detailing is I changed the original typewriter blue to a darker shade…I’m still trying to find the right thread to use to pick out the details in the blue. Although…maybe the dark grey works…hmm.