A Change of Projects

With this rather unexpected change into actual summer (sunshine and blue skies and everything! Quick, get the BBQ!), I’ve changed my July project. A bit late in the day, you might say, being as how we’re now over half way through the month, but I was hoping that the new project will be quicker. That was until I started stitching it.

You see, I began the kitchen clock. I counted my two dozen squares to the first available stitch, and then began doing the clock-face outline. I got all the way around, and discovered the two ends don’t match up like they’re supposed to. And I can’t see where I’ve gone wrong, so I’ve put that pattern to one side for another day and found a nice, simple, kitchen-themed sampler instead. (I found it on Etsy, if anyone’s interested, but I’m afraid I can’t remember which shop…)

It’s a little slogan which says “This kitchen is seasoned with love” and there’s a couple of hearts and it looked very minimalistic and straightforward.

So I started stitching. Letters take longer than you think. There seems to be far more counting, too. New July POTM

Yes, so far, I’ve only half-done the L…

2 thoughts on “A Change of Projects

    • Thanks – all the lettering’s like that, which is partly why I chose it. So pretty.

      Isn’t it the worst when that happens?? And then when you can’t work out where you’ve gone wrong? At that point I throw it aside and start something else…One day, I’m sure, I’ll go back and sort them all out…

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