POTM July – Time for Tea

Although I haven’t quite finished June’s Project of the Month (for one, because I was distracted by a little Mouseloft kit in the final week, which I also haven’t completed), I feel like I am closer to completion than I was with previous unfinished Projects.


However, with the new month just begun, a new Project is required. This month, I’m beginning various projects, not all of them crafty. It’s Camp NaNo, you see, and my targets for my camping involve finding fun in my writing again with short fiction and my blogs, and establishing Good Habits of Routine and Discipline with regards to writing and crafting so that I use all my time efficiently and I get to enjoy all the things which give me pleasure.

So I might suddenly appear to be much busier with this blog – I’m working on a new plan for organising myself and my posts so I know what’s happening and I don’t feel unenthused or lacking in direction.

July’s Project of the Month is a clock-project, from CrossStitcher 289. One of Mark’s cousins is getting married in a couple of months and has asked for contributions towards a new kitchen. Every kitchen requires a clock, and I’ve been meaning to stitch this one for a while now, and thought I’d seize the opportunity with both hands.


It’s also, supposedly, a quick project. The time-frame given reckons it takes about 14 hours. So I might be able to go back to June’s project and get that finished too…

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