Wibble Wobble, Jelly on a Plate

Is there anything more reminiscent of childhood than a bowlful of jelly with vanilla ice cream?

Of course, ideally it should have hundreds-and-thousands sprinkled on top, and the ice cream that cheap, over-processed stuff, but you can’t have everything. And that sort of ice cream is quite icky. Or squirty cream from a can.


I’m surprised jellies are so often overlooked. So simple to make, and so tasty. This one’s lemon and lime. Mostly because the lime was made, and the instruction to add half a pint of cold water once the jelly-squares had dissolved was, erm, ignored. And it was noted that there wasn’t very much jelly. So a lemon one was got and made up, and the cold half-pint remembered.

Rules of Writing: Tea and Biscuits

Someone once said that there are only three rules to writing fiction. Just a pity no one knows what they are…

But lots of people try and explain them. Successful writers, not so successful writers, and non-writers who think it’s all easy anyway, because anyone can do it.

I think the most important after a love of words and language, though, is a plentiful supply of tea or coffee, whichever you prefer, probably accompanied by a plate of biscuits…

POTM June (2)

POTM: Winning Words

I like Scrabble. I like words. I expect that’s why I like the game. I’m having trouble with words at the moment, or perhaps it’s the ideas which are the problem, not the words.

I’m hoping my Project this month will help with appeasing the Guardian of Ideas.


In the manner of leaving a dish of milk and some cookies for the brownies in exchange for doing some small house-work chores during the night, perhaps a teapot and plate of biscuits.