The Twisted Uterus

Of all the things which signal a return to ‘normalcy’ in Ambridge, you’d probably be hard-pressed to find something more suitable than a cow with a twisted uterus.

Other storylines will now be resumed, now that Helen has been remanded with her next court-appearance due in May and Great-Aunt Jill has fortuitously discovered that her god-daughter – hot-shot criminal barrister in Birmingham with a specialty in Domestic Abuse victims, don’t you know? – happens to be available, and willing to help out. Now if only someone knew a good child psychologist who could accidentally overhear some of what Henry’s been saying – !

Makes it easier to be stitching while listening to poor cows with twisted uteruses (uteri?) trying to give birth, and David giving up trying to help, instead calling in Alastair the vet.


It’s about time I had a new needle-case. They’re currently kept safe on a cut-off piece of aida.

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