Typing, Stitching, Listening

This week has not been kind to my creativity – either my writing, which is stalled on the last few thousand words of my current draft, or my stitching.

The reason is simple. For the first time in a long while, I’ve had a regular, 7 pm date with my radio. With Radio 4, to be exact. Those of you who know will know what I mean.

I’ve been hooked, for the first time since all that drama with Lilian and Matt and his money-laundering or embezzlement or whatever it was, on The Archers, with poor Helen and Rotten Rob. I do think she ought to ditch the Titchener name. Go back to being an Archer. She is allowed.

But what this means is that at 7.16 pm, to the fading notes of the twiddly theme music, I then hop onto Facebook, for the comments by Archers’ fans on the various Facebook groups. So very entertaining! And I don’t get much stitching done.

This isn’t to say I’ve done none – I take my typewriter to work with me for my lunch-break, since it has large sections of one-colour stitches, so I don’t have to carry lots of colours or think too much about counting and concentrating on a couple of stitches before changing threads.


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