Springtime in Paris

Springtime in Paris

Whenever I think of Paris, I always remember when Linda Radlett, heroine of The Pursuit of Love, passed through on her way to Perpignan. She thought then that she’d return, and be very happy there. And then she did.

However, I feel hubris might have got the better of me, what with trying to finish this, and my novel, and starting a new job all in the same month. I feel like I’ve barely started this sampler, although I am within spitting distance of the end of this draft. And I’m still very much enjoying working in the Book-business.

As it is, with April fast approaching, Paris is going to be set aside for another design (and so many birthday cards!), to be finished in quiet moments, like my type-writer.

2 thoughts on “Springtime in Paris

    • The whole thing is done like it – I think that’s why I thought it would be quick and easy to do. Which it would be, if it weren’t for doing it on linen, so it’s a bit of a bother to count…But I agree – it’s got that line-drawing delicate-ness going.

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