Reading, Writing, Reviewing

I was supposed to write this last week – I think my organiser is glaring at me for being a week behind. The thing is, is I’m not really much of a reviewer. I like or I dislike things, either way, I tend not to have very much to say about it. Unless I really like or dislike it.

And on that basis, I’ve been thinking about the reviews I write, why I write them, and whether I’m going to continue sharing the books I read. I haven’t come to a definitive conclusion just yet – it may simply be that I’ll stop only writing about one at a time.

Anyway, the book most recently read is A Plague on Both Your Houses by Susanna Gregory. I’ve had it in my To Be Read pile for about two years.

It’s a medieval murder-mystery set in the fledgling University of Cambridge, in 1348 around about the time of the Black Death, and Fellows of one of the colleges keep dying, and not just because of the plague. The investigator is Matthew Bartholomew, an unorthodox physician, teacher of medicine at the college, Michaelhouse.

And, unfortunately, I can take or leave A Plague. It didn’t thrill me to the core, but equally, it didn’t bore me to the point of abandonment. I’m not going to go out of my  way to read the rest of the Matthew Bartholomew Chronicles, but I won’t necessarily ignore them if I come across them.

Of course, the good thing about reading and reviewing books is that, in reviewing them, I have to think about the whole thing, the writing and the story, when assessing the enjoyment level. And this feeds into my own writing and the structure of my story.

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