Project of the Month: TBC

One problem with having a long, ever-growing, list of projects is deciding which to do next. I normally narrow it down to the ones for which I already have the most supplies, or for birthdays and suitable gifts (I probably ought to start making such things more in advance, but never mind…), but this month, this still leaves me with a short-list, and I still haven’t quite made up my mind.

March Project

I’m leaning towards the Paris sampler, but I’m not wholly decided. It’s a matter of time, because I have a self-imposed deadline of Easter/end of March for completing my current draft of my novel, and I begin a new job next week which will fill most of my days. And then April is a busy month for birthdays. I might try to get a head-start on the cards.

4 thoughts on “Project of the Month: TBC

  1. That sampler really is gorgeous! Even if you don’t have time to stitch the whole thing, maybe you could do a section or two that you like best? Good luck with the new job too!

    • Thanks – it’s supposed to only take about 16 hours to stitch, and I’m hoping that it’s accurate, so a couple of hours a night should get it done in a month, but we’ll see…Otherwise it can join my Unfinished pile…

    • That there is! Doesn’t help getting a monthly magazine to add to the list faster than I can cross designs off…:-)

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