Project Update: Free as a Bird

At the beginning of this year, in the hopes of keeping myself organised and on track with my ideas for this blog, I got myself a diary to plan what happens when. According to said diary, today is scheduled to be a progress report on my February project, with the finished piece at the end of the month.

Well, I have to re-plan the last one. The Progress Report is that I managed to finish it faster than anticipated. The stitching, anyway. I’ll frame it at a later date. When I have a frame.

Free as a Bird

I’m beginning to like stitching on linen. I like the suppleness of the fabric. Less keen on how easily it creases, but hey – can’t have everything. Hopefully I’ll have it up by the time the real swallows are returning. Until then, it can be a gentle reminder that Summer is coming.

Having completed the project that was supposed to take me all month, I’ve found myself a much longer-term project. One to do in between the monthly ones, since I doubt this will be the only time I finish early. One I’ve been wanting to do for a while (nearly a year – it’s from CrossStitcher 290: last April) , but was put off by how long it was supposed to take – 69 hours.


Every writer needs their typewriter – and I’ve finally found a use for some gold-flecked aida! For my own sanity and counting, I’ve decided to do the back-stitched letters as I finish each key. I’ve already discovered I was following the wrong line as the centre, so it’s all ten squares out. Fortunately there’s more than enough fabric so it doesn’t matter (and such a relief! I really didn’t want to have to unpick and re-stitch!).

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