February Project: Free as a Bird

Having made it through January (how did that happen so quickly?!), I’m now beginning that Resolution to complete one large cross-stitch pattern each month. In between also stitching birthday cards, and this year, I’m going to start the Christmas ones a bit sooner. Honest.

But anyway. My first project of the year is a rainbow swirl of swallows from CrossStitcher 293. It’s a little early, I know, for swallows to be returning, but I like them. Swallows make me think of sitting outside in the summer, watching them flying (or learning to fly) about catching the evening midges and other insects.

And I like rainbows. They are aesthetically very pleasing.

Rainbow Swallows

Fortunately I already had most of the threads, and the linen I found in a nice fabric-shop in a nearby town. Even more fortunately, the linen’s 28 count (I still haven’t checked what the IKEA one I use is). It’s really quite a nice fabric to stitch.

Allegedly I only require 20 hours to complete this. Not too long.

By my reckoning, there being about 28 swallows in all, that’s one a day. Of course, with the smaller ones, I’ll do one or two (as you can see, I’ve already eagerly done three), but even so. This will be easily completed by the end of February. I doubt the rest of my projects will be so easy…


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