Rosebud Romance

There’s something about a new year which inspires change. I suspect it has something to do with having spent the festive period surrounded by family and family-friends all asking about your life and what are you up to now?

Rosebud Romance

I’m not sure I’d want to become a butterfly, necessarily, but with all the other changes of plans going on at the moment, this seemed an appropriate pattern to stitch. I’ve had my eye on it since last summer, when I found it in issue 295 of CrossStitcher, and now just seemed the right time. That, and birthdays after Christmas are a bit awkward. As per the suggestion, this was turned into a little bag:

Rosebud bag

I was quite surprised to find the pink fabric (I’m not sure what it is, some kind of poly-satin, I think) in my stash, and that it was so suitable for this project. Also, I so need to go back to IKEA for more of their linens.

It was nice to get my sewing machine out again. It’s reminded me that I collect so many patterns and fabrics, and then never do anything with them. Hopefully this will be the year when all that changes.

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