In Uncharted Territory

I had a plan for NaNoWriMo. I decided all my blog posts in advance, making a note of what would happen when in a diary, pencilling in the cross-stitch projects because I wasn’t sure what or if I’d have to share.

I had planned to write them all in advance and schedule them to upload themselves, but I think the nature of this post makes it quite clear that that didn’t happen.

You see, I was knocked off-guard by quite how much I’ve been enjoying a new-to-me TV show – and yes, I do know how silly it was of me to have begun one so close to the beginning of November.

I’ve been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I never saw this as a child – to be fair, I think I was probably too young when it was first aired – and anyone who knows me will tell you that I jump at the slightest thing. Even if I know it’s coming.

And yet here I am watching something with lots of jumpy (obvious or otherwise) bits.

Although, saying that, I did read a couple of the books – I particularly remember the praying mantis story (and was quite pleased that I saw that one coming from the woman’s first entrance) – and let me tell you, the books are much scarier than the series.

Or maybe it’s the ten to fifteen years since I last read one. I didn’t read all that many: far too scary for my imagination. The series is still jumpy, but far fewer nightmares.

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